The currently released version is known as eBuilderCMS.Net 2.0. The new release contains both great improvements and a lot of new functionality for CMS editors, administrators and developers. Some of the new/improved features of eBuilderCMS.Net 2.0 are given below.

New admin interfaces
eBuilderCMS.Net 2.0 has improved the admin user interfaces to make it easier for the content authors to easily navigate to the specified content. Attention has been given to the content than chrome. Also the administration navigation system has been updated. 

WYSIWYG editor
The rich text editor comes with eBuilderCMS.Net generates standard compliant HTML for all browsers. It will not create any deprecated HTML tags. It supports features such as paste from word, context menu etc.
Simple and Powerful content publishing workflow
The content publishing workflow shipped with the system is simple and powerful. It allows administrators to quickly publish the contents. 

Search Engine friendly URLs
eBuilderCMS.Net generates user friendly urls for the web content. This is a big step towards the SEO. Administrators can define the url name for their pages. 

Improved Categories and Articles
Categories and articles are the main building blocks of the eBuilderCMS.Net 2.0. Now you can have category properties and custom article fields. Now you can associate CMS resources to articles by just browsing through them. Now articles are associated with a template and template contains a custom field which offers creation of dynamic content oriented pages easily.
Search Engine Optimization features
eBuilderCMS.Net 2.0 generates user friendly urls. In addition to this, with the help of category properties and article fields you can easily build SEO driven website. 

Complete control over navigation
The eBuilderCMS generates its navigation system from the content published. The system is shipped with couple of navigation providers that gives access to the navigation data. Also content authors have control over the navigation. They can add custom links, hide CMS pages etc.

Manage resources 
eBuilderCMS.Net 2.0 helps website owners to define named resources and call the resources from templates. Resources support custom properties which can be defined and retrieved. The resource feature can be utilized for generating slideshows, photo gallery, video gallery etc. 

eBuilderCMS.Net V2.0 allows you to define tables, its fields and data. Tables are similar to database tables. Once you add tables, you can add fields to it. The field types such as String, Int, Double, DateTime and Boolean are supported. Administrator can add data to the Tables and utilize the data in their website.

Facebook Integration           
eBuilderCMS.Net V2.0 have the capability to publish new and modified articles to Facebook automatically.