eBuilderCMS.Net is a web content management system that allows small and medium enterprises to easily author, edit and publish their web contents. The robust platform allows business owners to update the content without having prior technical knowledge. eBuilderCMS.Net manages web content that includes text, images, photos, audio and video files etc.

eBuilderCMS.Net is developed by AlNadeem information Technology, a company who is providing web based solutions for around 20 years. The eBuilderCMS.Net team at AlNadeem is busy building and releasing upgrades to the product frequently to cope with the technological upgrades happening in the technology industry. The current Version is developed using Microsoft ASP.Net 4.0 and SQL Server 2008. Prior to delivering any module, the eBuilderCMS.Net team ensures it has undergone tests such as load testing, security testing etc. 

eBuilderCMS.Net comes with a powerful content publishing workflow that allows content editors to review the content before publishing it. The content added by site authors will not be visible to the public unless an editor or administrator publishes it. Once published, the changes applied to the published pages will still require a content approval for the modified contents. 

The eBuilderCMS.Net is based on a template model, where the developers can design the templates as they wish. There is no restriction on the design layout of the pages. Developers can easily load the content from CMS to templates. The powerful template model enable creating robust websites. The development of templates is well documented and intermediate developers can build the templates easily.

In a nutshell eBuilderCMS.Net offers seamless customization for web site owners. If you are planning to build your website in the near future, eBuilderCMS.Net is the right choice for you. For sales/partnership enquires send email with details to info@alnadeem.com