IKNS is a non-profit self-supporting coeducational institution that is dedicated to providing high quality education for its 1450 Bahraini and non-Bahraini students.

The school offers a bilingual program of study for students from Kindergarten to Grade twelve. We are very proud of our students who can access both Arabic and English with ease and lucidity from an early stage of their lives.

Our faculty is diverse. They come with different accents and dialects, whether it is Arabic or English, providing a rich and supportive learning environment for our students. The faculty is supported by a dedicated team of administrative, IT and support staff, who work in silence to pave the way for education to happen.

IKNS opened its doors to students in 1983. Its first group of students to walk up the graduation stage was in June 1992. Since then, IKNS has graduated more than 1500 young men and women. They are the pride of the school and the gems of Bahrain.

URL of the site: http://www.ikns.edu.bh/
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