CMS .Net version 2.0 has been launched with new improved features. The new version that is launched and the release have a lot of incremental and visible improvements to their features and functions. It is a secured web enabled CMS with features such as New admin interfaces, WYSIWYG editor, Simple and powerful workflow, Search engine friendly URLs improved categories and articles ., Search Engine optimization features, Complete control over navigation , manage resources , tables and Facebook integration are the major features highlighted and improved in the new release.

Our objective is to meet the customer requirements and provide the best state of the art facility to use the content management system. The ease of use is taken into high consideration and is customized to suit all client’s needs. Our future commitment involves in releasing newer versions in the market and keeps meeting the requirements of clients at large.

Our clients include Capinnova Bank, Khaleeji Commercial Bank, Gulf Union Insurance and many more. Upon the request of our clients we launched the newer version within a short span of timeline and inform to our new clients to be that Al Nadeem is on continuously upgrading and improving its CMS to better serve its clients.

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