What are the software requirements for hosting eBuilderCMS.Net?

  • It needs a Windows server with IIS 6 or later (IIS 7 or later recommended)
  • ASP.Net 4.0 to be installed on the server
  • SQL Server version 2005 (any edtion) or later to be used as the database

Does the current version support SQL 2000?

No. The support for SQL Server 2000 has been removed in the current version

What are the user levels supported by eBuilderCMS.Net?

  • Author – can create new or edit existing
  • Content Editor – all author functionalities and can publish the pages to live
  • Administrator – all editor functionalities and able to manage users and settings

Are the passwords stored as plain text?

No. The password is encrypted in the database using hashing algorithm

Is there any lock facility for user accounts?

Yes. 5 Consecutive failures will lock the user accounts. Administrator needs to unlock the users in this case

Can I define my own content fields for articles?

  • Yes. You can define custom fields for Templates and all the articles using the template will be able to define values for custom fields.
  • You can define custom properties for categories and resources

What is your recommendation for searching the content inside CMS?

We recommend you to use Bing search API or any third party API such as Google search API to crawl and search contents of the site.

Is there any limit on the number of articles/sections?

No. there is no limit.

Can I edit my page content using HTML editor?

Yes, HTML editor is included

Does eBuilderCMS.Net supports HTML 5 based website?


What is the limit of customization levels for the public website?

There is no limit as such. The developers can create templates without any UI restrictions

What are the software requirements for administrator to edit the site?

  • Any internet browser can be used by administrator. The recommended browsers are given below
  • Internet Explorer 8.0 or later
  • Firefox latest version

What are the SEO features available?

  • The site is having SEO friendly URLs
  • The meta tag and keywords can be configured using category properties and article fields easily
  • The content authors needs to follow SEO best practices when they name the pages or sections or resources

What integration is available with Facebook?

When you publish an article, it can be automatically posted to a Facebook page

Is the integration to twitter possible?

  • No. there is no out of the box twitter integration available in the current version
  • Developers can develop custom code for the integration

Is there any analytics provided?

  • At this moment there is no analytics available out of the box
  • Users can use any third party such as google analytics/bing analytics / web trends etc
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